AССA AA: Must Do

• Video workshops covering 10 key topics
• Kaplan study materials in digital form
• Kaplan Mock Exam

The video workshops offer you: 
•Overview of key theoretical aspects of the exam
• Analysis of practical exercises covering suggested topics
• Familiarity with the exam’s structure and the examiner’s requirements
• Recommendations on effective time management during an exam
• Recommendations on maximizing your score
• Review of computer-based exam functions

Video workshops:
Life Hacks for Successful passing of Audit and Assurance exam
1 Audit strategy and planning
2 Audit risks part 1
3 Audit risks part 2
4 Audit procedures Part 1
5 Audit procedures Part 2
6 Audit records
7 Audit of specific items
8 Internal Control
9 Internal audit
10 Professional ethics and ACCA's Code of Ethics

Cost:  RUB 15,000 / KZT 85,000 / USD 200
20% VAT will be added in Russia and 12% VAT in Kazakhstan

For information on ACCA registration and exam fees, please contact the program coordinator.
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