ACCA SBL: Individual Learning Plan

• Kaplan e-books
• Individual training plan designed by a trainer
• Video workshops covering 20+ topics
• Two individual 45-minute consultations
• Mock Exam review: group online session** 

• Online Q&A group session**

• Follow-up Mock Exam, including trainer grading, feedback and further preparation guidance
• Optional  Mock Exam in conditions as close to real as possible (timed and screen-recorded)
• Free-of-charge extended access to the online account with videos and training materials for the next session in the event of an ACCA exam failure

** in case of small number of participants, the group session will be replaced by a video session with the option of online support by the tutor

The video workshops offer you:
• Overview of key theoretical aspects of the exam
• Examination of practical tasks for all exam topics
• Familiarity with the exam’s structure and the examiner’s requirements
• Recommendations on effective time management during an exam
• Recommendations on maximizing your score
• Review of computer-based exam functions

Video workshops:
Paper's Life Hacks, "SBL Exam format"
1 Effective Leadership: Professionalism, ethical codes and the public interest
2 Governance: Governance general principles
3 Governance: Stakeholders and CSR
4 Governance: The board of directors
5 Strategy: Concepts of Strategy
6 Strategy: Strategic Choice
7 Strategy: Methods of Strategic Development
8 Risk: Identification, assessment & measurement of risk
9 Risk: Managing, monitoring & mitigating risk
10 Technology: Using IT successfully
11 Innovation: Project Management
12 Leadership: Effective Leadership
13 Governance: Approaches to governance
14 Governance: Reporting to stakeholders
15 Strategy: Strategic Analysis
16 Org. Control: Management IC system & reporting
17 Org. Control: Audit & Compliance
18 E-technology: e-business
19 E-technology: e-Marketing
20 Finance: Performance Analysis
21 Finance: Financial Decision-Making
22 Innovation: Organizing for Success: Structure & Processes
23 Innovation: Managing Strategic Change

This paper focuses on the practical application of models and tools, on professional communication skills and on the ability to reach quick, clear conclusions based on a wide range of information – qualities important for success in a modern business setting.

Cost from: RUB 50,000 / KZT 350,000 / USD 1300
20% VAT will be added in Russia and 12% VAT in Kazakhstan

For information on ACCA registration and exam fees, please contact the program coordinator.
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